The purposes of the VFW are fraternal, patriotic, charitable, and educational. We are at our roots, a community outreach organization, whose purpose overlaps with many other wonderful people in our communities. Many of our programs are intentionally created to seek out and honor like-minded individuals in their efforts to serve; C/2LT Betty Roberts is one such individual. Throughout the stress of the last year and-a-half her leaders have summed-up her attitude in four words: how can I help? That is what leadership is all about boys and girls. Aside from her service in the Civil Air Patrol she has served as a Senator’s Page in the state capital. She is an honor student active in Model United Nations, Marine Chemistry Honors, Debate, Speech, and is the Sophomore Class of 2021 Class President at Bellarmine Preparatory School.
It was for all of the above reasons that C/2LT Roberts first caught our attention. Her merit and the efforts of our Post Commander Roger Flygare caught the attention of VFW National Commander Hal Roesch. Betty’s dedication to the values of fraternity, patriotism, charity, and knowledge were the reason she was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the National Headquarters of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. We hope that this recognition in some small way helps to keep the fire of motivation burning in her and the classmates she inspires on a daily basis.